My thanks to everyone who contacted me with their concerns and questions. Also, thank you for your kind words and your encouragement. I’ve kept your names anonymous and listed the top questions from the past two weeks:


Question:  Where did you go?

Talyn: I had an accident. One of the injuries damaged my vision.


Question: Why was the release stopped on Sanibel Possession?

Talyn: Although Sanibel Possession had been completed long before I had decided to release it, it became what I now refer to as my cursed book. I’d had a dream before my accident that my eye doctor told me I was losing my sight and there was nothing he could do for me.  I woke up and thought to add a completely blind character to my book, a fantastic supporting character I loved. At the time I didn’t realize in the near future I would have a shockingly similar conversation with my eye doctor. I had an accident, then I had to deal with a serious vision issue that seemed insurmountable. It still does. But eventually I pressed forward and again went to release Sanibel Possession and also Flynn. On the eve of release day, my eye pain became severe and my eyesight worsened. Immediately I was rushed to the doctor. He gave me the grim news that the accident had brought

on a genetic disease that had further damaged my sight. I wouldn’t know for at least another year how far my eyesight would decline. There was nothing my doctor could do for me. No glasses or surgery could fix my problem. I decided Sanibel Possession would never see the light of day, and I stepped away from writing to focus my entire time on my children.


Question: Are you back for good?

Talyn:  I was back some time ago. One day, I’d taken a walk in the marsh with my kids and I was focused on NOT being angry with what had happened.  When I’d looked around, a part of me suddenly thought: Hey, I wish my readers could see this. I wish they were here with me right now.  I could point out that this particular marsh is where I saw Bane looking through the trees at Renee. This is where Bren went full throttle and jumped off a branch and landed in front of Tatum. This is where a vampire got involved with the wrong female…and this is where a worried and weary Eagan Ruyter sat on the embankment and watched an unknown female skinny dip.  (Oh, you haven’t read those last two?) And if I wanted my readers to see what I was still seeing, I had to learn a new, less physically painful way to get my stories to them.  So on that day, I started over.


Question: Are you on schedule now?

Talyn:  Yes, I have a fantastic, experienced company handling my new releases.


Question: When will Flynn be released?

Talyn:  Flynn is scheduled for Valentine’s Week.


Question: Will Sanibel Possession be released?

Talyn: Not anytime soon, if ever. I have completed new Sanibel books, however, that are awaiting scheduling now.  I’m proud of those books. I hope you will enjoy them.


Question: Will Panther Crossing be continued?

Talyn: Panther Crossing is not scheduled. If that changes, I will update you.


Question: What about Julian’s book? Will you continue the Sarasota Sin Series?

Talyn: Yes. I’m happy about Julian’s book. That’s a near-future update.


Question: Will you offer your books on other retailers besides Amazon?

Talyn:   Yes, finally. This coming year my books will stay on Amazon and also move to other book distributors such as Kobo and Apple.


Question: Will you keep some books exclusive on Kindle Unlimited?

Talyn: Yes.


Question:  What character is most personal to you? Or one you can’t stand?

Talyn: Why can’t I stand them? They come from my head, after all.  I’ll admit to one of the characters I’ve kept closer. I’ve written Ryan from Six Feet Under in many books. I’ve even written scenes with him that never went into books, a pretty wicked love scene involving Rock comes to mind. Even though Ryan’s story has been ready, I haven’t let go of it until recently.  That release date will be next year.


Question:  Will Prince Volos ever have a book?

Talyn:  Yes. Volos has been guiding me on it during the past two years. I have a fantastic draft on him and I can see his palace and realm vividly in every detail. I hope I can do my thoughts justice for each of you. I’m already swept in his story.


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